NJ Psychologists Dr. Mike Abrams and Dr. Lidia Abrams are available for confidential and experienced help in Clifton, Jersey City*, and NYC (Near NYU). 
Board Certified New Jersey Psychologists Dr. Mike Abrams or Dr. Lidia Abrams can help you if you are experiencing a crisis, a social problem, a difficult life change, or a sexual difficulty -- things everyone suffers from time to time. They have both the life and professional experience to assist you with any problem keeping you from personal fulfillment.  Dr. Mike Abrams and Dr. Lidia Abrams are both board certified, psychotherapists, and educators in cognitive behavior psychotherapy (CBT).  Please see the link below for publications on their approach to therapy.
If you are seeking an experienced therapist who will relate to you as real person, one who will interact without pretensions to objectively guide you to being your best, and one who can help you view your situation in a new and more constructive way, then contact  Dr. MikeAbrams  or Dr. Lidia Abrams.
 Call (800) 681-3114  or Email:DrAbrams@Psychology.ws  or Follow on Twitter@DrMikeAbrams

*Dr. Mike Abrams first began practicing in Jersey City in 1987





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Dr. Abrams' approach, is to help people with cognitive behavioral psychotherapy (CBT). This well-researched psychotherapy helps people change the aspects of their thinking and behaving that leads to anxiety, depression, and intimacy problems.  It is a humanistic approach  in that it accepts the client's own construction of the world as being unique and important.. Dr. Mike Abrams' and Dr. Lidia Abrams' pragmatic and genuine approach is to help people understand those aspects of their personal philosophy, their beliefs, and their world view that are working to create fear, anguish, sexual, relationship or confidence problems. CBT  helps people change his or her perspective in such a way so as to allow them to better enjoy life, improve their confidence, mood, and social functioning. Drs. Abrams have practiced this, taught this, and wrote on it for more than a quarter of a century; In addition, they  are the among the only psychotherapists in  Northern New Jersey who are board certified in these methods. With more than 25 years as psychologists in NJ they help with psychotherapy, counseling, sex therapy, couples counseling, and life coaching.

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Eating and Weight

Text Book on Personality

Death and Dying


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 Dr. Mike Abrams and Dr. Lidia Abrams are Northern New Jersey Psychologists and psychotherapists licensed (NJ license #'s 2564 and 2968 respectively) psychologists in private practice in Clifton, N.J. and Jersey City, N.J. near Little Falls, NJ, Passaic, Hoboken, Paterson and Nutley. they offer counseling, psychotherapist and psychological support.  Their therapy is always completely private and completely confidential.  They work with teens, adults. and elders.



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    New Jersey Psychologists Drs. Abrams offer counseling, psychotherapy, and psychological evaluations at reasonable fees.          


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Dr. Mike Abrams offers psychotherapy in nj and psychological  services in Clifton, NJ and Jersey City, NJ.    Psychologist in NJ Dr. Lidia Abrams also offers a range of expertise in psychological services ical psychologists and a psychotherapist