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Dr. Mike Abrams

Dr. Mike Abrams, PhD, MBA, ABPP

Board Certified Licensed Psychologist in NJ and NY

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Dr. Mike Abrams is a Licensed Psychologist in New Jersey (#2564) and New York (#10659); he has practiced psychotherapy for more than twenty five years. He is a board certified Diplomate of the American Board of Professional Psychology, he is a Fellow of the American Academy of Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology, and he is a Supervisor, Fellow and Diplomate of the Albert Ellis Institute.  Dr. Abrams is known for his genuine empathy when working with people in crisis and is a strong advocate for complete acceptance for all people in psychotherapy.  Moreover, he rejects all pretense, condescension, and arrogance on the part of the therapist.  He teaches that the therapist must be a real person whose skill and training permits him to help others as equals in the therapeutic process.

When working with clients he emphasizes Cognitive Behavioral / Rational Emotive therapy, although he has had substantial training in all therapeutic methods and teaches them to aspiring psychologists in NYU. He is a certified supervisor in Rational Emotive and Cognitive Behavior Therapy and a diplomate in CBT from the American Board of Professional Psychology. He has co-authored four books, a book chapter, and a journal article with the creator of cognitive behavior therapy, Dr. Albert Ellis.  His collaboration with Ellis extended over 17 years.  In addition, Dr. Abrams is credited with extending Ellis' theory of human personality.

He is a full professor (adj.) in the masters program in psychology at New York University where he conducts research and teaches. Dr. Abrams’ graduate courses include: cognitive behavioral therapy, an overview of all modern treatments in psychology, and the psychology of sex and relationships. His current research focuses in the role of early-life trauma on intimacy and emotional functioning.

The linchpin of his help is his absolute avoidance of moral judgments. He deeply holds that no one should suffer shame or guilt about past events. Dr. Abrams works to make the future better than a painful past. He does all he can to help all clients no matter what their problem, history, or background.

He has extensive experience working with people with mood (depressive and bipolar disorders), anxiety disorders, and social and sexual conflicts.

His experience also includes extensive work with people in crisis. He has helped people in crises arising from such stressors as criminal charges, job loss, and sexual problems. His experience includes helping both men and women who had been sexually victimized or traumatized.

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Dr. Mike confering with cognitive therapy founder Aaron beck in the early 1990's

Dr. Mike escorting CBT founder Albert Ellis to one of his final presentations in 2005